About us

About us

Welcome to PinoyHelper.com about us, your go-to source for reliable information about us. Pinoyhelper is powered by Ongines Inc., the premier directory service platform for locating trustworthy Pinoy helpers/workers in the Philippines. Our mission is to streamline and simplify the process of hiring Pinoy helpers/workers, offering a wide array of features to assist you in finding the perfect match for your needs.

Our platform provides a range of tools to facilitate quick and easy connections with helpers/workers in your local area. With our location-based solutions, you can promptly locate helpers near you, ensuring a convenient and efficient search process. Additionally, for online helpers, our platform extends its reach globally, attracting employers worldwide through strategic marketing, networking, user-friendly features, and valuable services.

Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and targeted online advertising, we enhance visibility to a global audience of employers, making PinoyHelper.com a hub for connecting employers with trustworthy Pinoy helpers.

Why Pinoy helper?

In the Philippines, “Pinoy” refers to a Filipino, while the term “helper” traditionally conveys connotations of low class, low salary, housemaid, or manual labor. Unfortunately, this usage misrepresents the true essence of the word “helper.” Instead, a helper should be recognized as someone contributing to making our lives easier—sharing the same humanity, importance, and deserving gratitude as any other individual in our society.

In its true essence, a “helper” is an individual who positively impacts others by extending a helping hand, addressing needs, and contributing to societal betterment. The term also extends to freelancers participating in the gig economy, temporarily assisting with various tasks.

At PinoyHelper, our mission is to redefine the meaning of “helper” in the Philippines. We aim to assist more individuals in finding job opportunities quickly and easily. For Pinoy employers, our platform provides a more convenient and comfortable alternative to the traditional methods of seeking assistance, such as asking friends and neighbors or relying on expensive agencies. Ultimately, we strive to promote the correct understanding and usage of the term “helper” in the Philippines.

Kinds of helpers

“We feature two types of helpers on our platform: offline helpers and online helpers, including freelancers from various fields. Offline helpers are individuals who provide tangible assistance, support, or aid through face-to-face interactions. They serve in diverse roles such as caregivers for the elderly or disabled, volunteers in local communities, mentors guiding personal growth, and healthcare professionals offering medical aid. These helpers encompass emergency responders, educators, counselors, and family members who provide emotional support and companionship. Their actions contribute to individual well-being, build stronger communities, and foster personal connections that extend beyond the digital realm.

Online helpers are individuals who perform tasks, jobs, or services remotely via the internet. They cover a broad spectrum of roles, including freelancers, remote employees, content creators, web developers, and virtual assistants. These workers contribute their skills to various industries such as education, e-commerce, content production, and consulting. They enable flexible work arrangements and often collaborate with clients and employers from different parts of the world. The term “online workers” essentially refers to a global workforce that leverages digital platforms to provide services without the need for physical presence. The Pinoyhelper.com platform includes all kinds of helpers in society.”

Screening helpers

Each helper can post their profile for free, providing you access to their qualifications, experience, and availability. However, we also conduct thorough screening to ensure reliability, trustworthiness, and the necessary skills to meet your needs. We review each helper’s resume before approval, and credentials are submitted to verify their identity. For offline helpers like babysitters or caregivers, reference persons with phone numbers are included for background checks to ensure their character.

Moreover, we’ve introduced social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and WhatsApp as additional tools to contact helpers and assess their personality, character, identity, and credibility as individuals.

Our story

“About Us at PinoyHelper, we take pride in our commitment to providing reliable and trustworthy services. Our dedication is geared towards helping you find the right helper to meet your needs, whether it’s a housekeeper for daily chores, a tutor for educational assistance, a skilled driver for safe transportation, or an online expert to enhance your company’s efficiency. This includes online tutors, marketing experts, IT developers, and freelancers from various fields.

We firmly believe in the distinct advantages of hiring Filipinos. Renowned for their strong work ethic and dedication, Filipinos are recognized as diligent and committed employees, ensuring reliability. Their high level of English proficiency facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with English-speaking clients and teams. Additionally, their strong cultural compatibility, influenced by Western practices, helps bridge work practice gaps. A well-educated workforce exhibits versatility across diverse roles, showcasing comprehensive skill sets. The cost-effectiveness of living in the Philippines allows for competitive rates without compromising quality, evident in the success of 2.2 million Pinoy workers globally and countless young Filipinos thriving in online work.”

About us

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