Home and Living in the Philippines

10 Advantages of Studying at an English School in the Philippines

Studying at an English school in the Philippines provides a transformative educational experience with numerous benefits. Students gain a global perspective through exposure to international standards and diverse viewpoints, while the immersive English environment enhances language proficiency. The rich cultural diversity of the Philippines fosters a global mindset, and the cost-effective education makes it an […]

Travel and Tourism in the Philippines

Philippines famous jeepney

Philippines famous jeepney Philippines famous jeepney is a popular and iconic form of public transportation in the Philippines. It is a uniquely Filipino vehicle that evolved from the military jeeps left behind by American troops after World War II. The first jeepneys were built by Filipinos by extending the body of the original military jeep […]

Life Tips for Pinoy

Top 5 Universities in the Philippines

There are several organizations that rank universities in the Philippines, including international ranking agencies such as QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education, as well as local organizations such as the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). The rankings generally take into account factors such as academic reputation, research […]

Top 5 cases of disputes with helpers in the Philippines
Legal services

Top 5 cases of disputes with helpers in the Philippines

“Protect yourself and your helper: Know the Top 5 Disputes in the Philippines!” Introduction Helpers in the Philippines The Philippines is a nation with a long history of domestic helpers, many of whom are employed by families in need of extra help around the house. Unfortunately, disputes between employers and their helpers are not uncommon, […]

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